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Dr. Jennifer Loh remains an active participant in ophthalmic research and is featured on countless places around the web from interviews with notable names in eye healthcare to round-table discussions with fellow cataract surgeons. Join the conversation today!

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Dr. Loh featured in Healthy Magazine’s January 2017 Miami edition! 
Dr. Loh sits down with The Ophthalmologist magazine in beautiful Barcelona, Spain to discuss keeping up with the latest developments in ophthalmology.

The Ophthalmologist is a multimedia ophthalmologists’ magazine that integrates news coverage and topical pieces written about the biggest concepts, issues, and advances in the field.
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Dr. Loh discusses high-add and low-add multifocal IOLs with Dr. Joshua Young, M.D. at ASCRS 2016 held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dr. Loh is among 9,000 members of ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery).

Dr. Loh touches upon the need for topography evaluation before toric IOL implantation for astigmatism correction at Hawaaian Eye 2016, where she was awarded Speaker of the Day.

Hawaaian Eye and Retina is an annual CME/CNE/COE meeting bringing together over 1,500 ophthalmologists, allied health professionals, retina specialists, and administrators.

Jonathan Kahn, M.D. meets with Dr. Loh at AAO 2014 to talk about untangling toric IOLs.
Jonathan Kahn, M.D. interviews Dr. Loh at the 2016 Hawaaian Eye conference in Wailea, Hawaii.
As the moderator, Jennifer Loh talks practice settings and why one size does not fit all with Dr. Elizabeth Yeu, M.D., of Virginia Eye Consultants in Norfolk.


Jonathan Kahn, M.D. interviews Dr. Loh at the 2015 Hawaaian Eye conference about managing complex cataracts.