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Dry Eye disease is one of the most common causes for blurred vision and eye pain.

It is characterized by a lack of quality tear production or excess tear evaporation, which results in insufficient moisture and lubrication for one’s eyes.

Dry eyes may also result from environmental factors that irritate the eyes.

Our doctors at Loh Ophthalmology Associates in South Miami will perform diagnostic tests to evaluate the nature of a patient’s dry eye disorder and to help determine treatment options and improve symptoms. They will create a treatment plan specific for the health and needs of your eyes.

Some of the different treatment options currently available at Loh Ophthalmology Associates are:

  • Lipiflow
  • Tear Care
  • Punctal plugs
  • Blephex
  • Prokera

Our doctors can also prescribe all of the FDA approved medicines for dry eye which include: Eysuvis, Restasis, Cequa, and Xiidra. 

Other than these medications, our doctors can also prescribe serum tears. Serum tears are eye drops made out of a patient’s own plasma. Serum is the somewhat clear fluid that remains after the cells and most of the proteins are removed from the blood. These drops have healing and nurturing properties beyond that of commercially available artificial tears. 

Our doctors are also happy to recommend products such as Omega 3 vitamins that can help start the healing process for Dry Eye from within.