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Dry Eye is a condition that so many of us face, and don’t even know we face it!

We have a new FDA approval to share with our patients that we are very excited about. TearCare, which is a device/procedure that we have had available for patients in our clinic here in Miami, had been previously approved by the FDA for the treatment of Dry Eye.

However, it now, as of December of 2021, has the FDA approval to treat Dry Eye that is specifically caused by a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, known as MGD.

What we know is that Dry Eye is one of the most common causes for blurred vision and eye pain, and 86% of Dry Eye patients also have some sort of MGD.

The new FDA indication clears TearCare for the application of localized heat therapy to the eyelids. TearCare attaches to a patient’s lids with an adhesive technology and is not invasive. TearCare delivers localized heat in a tight temperature window, and as an external open eye technology it is a comfortable experience for the patient as they can continue to look at their smart phone or have their eyes open and not be uncomfortable during the experience. TearCare also allows the doctor to personalize the approach by expressing glands and to remove any obstruction to allow lipids to flow back to their physiologic state.

Doctors can use their clinical knowledge and spend more time in certain areas to get the best benefit for each individual patient.

Currently there are no other treatments approved that treat MGD related dry eye.

Our doctors at Loh Ophthalmology Associates will perform diagnostic tests to evaluate the nature of a patient’s dry eye disorder and to help determine treatment options and improve symptoms. They will create a treatment plan specific for the health and needs of your eyes.

To learn more about what causes dry eye or see all of the different dry eye treatments that we offer at Loh Ophthalmology, please visit our Dry Eye page, and call us at 786-558-8542 or inquire at info@jenniferlohmd.com for an appointment to see one of our dry eye specialists.