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Dr. Jennifer Loh, MD, founder and physician at Loh Ophthalmology Associates, recently shared some knowledge while educating during the ‘Telling it Like It Is’ meeting in Tampa, FL.

Dr. Loh shared that even though a surgery is considered ‘perfect’, that does not always mean you have a happy patient.  Cataract surgery could have its intricacies and continuous, diligent evaluation is necessary to find the best IOL option for each patient. IOLs vary and there are different options that fit different patients, their vision goals, their vision history and mostly, their current lifestyle. What is most important to them? Hitting the golf ball or tennis ball? Reading at night? Driving? Knitting/threading a needle? All these things make a difference on the decision between a cataract surgeon and their patient when choosing the right IOL.

Dr. Loh went through an intricate real patient case during her presentation linked in this article.

She provided an overview on what surgeons can do before and after refractive cataract surgery to tailor IOL options to each patient to improve patient satisfaction.

“Evaluate all parts of the eye to determine the cause of poor vision, repeat measurements, consider a contact lens trial, and then determine your best option based upon the patient’s history,” Dr. Loh stated.  All in all, great surgeons know that regardless of their skill in the OR, they must communicate all options to patients and continuously monitor their patients to make sure they are making the right choice and the right progress. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a cataract, please call our office at 786-558-8542 or write us at info@jenniferlohmd.com to schedule a cataract evaluation with our cataract specialists.