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Recent data has emerged which shows how cancer numbers increased during and post pandemic, due to patients not going in for their usual preventative screenings.

If you lived through the pandemic, you can attest to the fact that many of us put our health to the side in the fear of going into a medical office or risking being exposed to the virus.  However, it’s time now share that we all need to keep our health in focus and in our world, especially your EYES!

When was the last time you had an eye exam?

You may not be feeling like your eyesight is worse than it was before the pandemic, however, that does not mean you should not have an eye exam to potentially help in other ways.

Why are eye exams necessary annually?

Most of us know the answer to the ‘Why’ question. Obviously, eye exams are there to help detect any vision issues.

If too much time passes between eye exams, your prescription is likely to change. An astigmatism may also have developed since your last visit, and in the case that a patient had an astigmatism prior, there are chances that astigmatism could have worsened.

With the prescription and/or astigmatism change, this will likely mean you need a new pair of glasses or contact lenses.

If you have ever wondered about LASIK or other laser vision correction options, there always new options in refractive surgery that your eye doctor can share with you!

Make sure to ask your eye doctor about your options with your specific prescription and vision!  A vision care professional can give you all of your specific options or send you somewhere like our office, to do all the testing necessary to see what’s available for your eyes.

Every single day, thousands of people go to their routine eye examination appointments and either their ophthalmologist or optometrist diagnoses them with a common condition, like Dry Eye Disease or with some more serious issues, like corneal conditions, glaucoma, or diseases that affect the retina/macula.

Without that routine eye exam, all of these patients would risk going one more day with a condition that needs a prescription eye regimen to prevent them from losing their sight, or in some cases even a potential surgery to correct something serious.  Many of them would risk just going another day with more discomfort like in the case of Dry Eye, something very easily treatable by the right professionals!

Eyesight is one of your most valuable senses, but unfortunately, we also know firsthand that it is taken for granted the most!

All of this being said, if you do make an appointment at any medical office for your health or any other reason, please be cautious, if you have not been vaccinated, please do wear a mask and take all of the proper precautions the CDC recommends.

COVID numbers have started to rise again even in vaccinated individuals due to variants, so our goal is to encourage you to see your doctors, and not disregard your health, but only as long as you are very careful!

If you would like to schedule an eye exam with our doctors at Loh Ophthalmology Associates, please send us a request at info@jenniferlohmd.com or call us at 786-558-8542!