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In February of 2019, EyeWorld.org by ASCRS posted a wonderful article about Dr. Loh and her husband, Dr. William Trattler.

At the time this article was released, none of us knew that 2020 would mean no travel and no live meetings; but, what a great time to reflect on what really matters the most during the holidays for all of us, and that’s family.

So, with that in mind, we decided to share this special story about our leading surgeon at Loh Ophthalmology Associates, Dr. Jennifer Loh, with our patients and followers and give a few updates.

As the article shared:  William Trattler, MD, and Jennifer Loh, MD, first met at an ophthalmology meeting in Florida: The Palm Beach Ophthalmology Society meeting in 2013.  Now, seven years later, they still find ophthalmology a key part of their personal and professional lives and they do all of the above all while raising their young son (who is almost TWO years old)!

As a surgeon couple with a toddler, we can’t imagine it always being carefree, but Dr. Loh and Dr. Trattler are no strangers to multitasking!

Although they practice separately in Miami, when ophthalmology meetings are happening live, they both travel frequently around the world to promote ophthalmology education, and keep the ophthalmology world up to date by lecturing on all the new techniques in cataract and refractive surgery, glaucoma surgery and treatments, and any new cutting-edge technologies or treatments in ophthalmology.

Besides seeing patients every day and performing surgery every week, these two superstars also find time to dedicate to new up and coming ophthalmologists, and have recently launched Season 1 of Rising Stars in Ophthalmology: a new webinar series which features a “Rising Star” or new ophthalmologist in the field every episode.  Each Rising Stars Episode provides them an hour to present on a new technology in front of a global crowd virtually.   Every episode includes the Rising Star along with a trio of celebrity panelists within ophthalmology, and it makes for a lively conversation and an incredible educational session for all of the attendees, all the while giving the Rising Star a stage while live meetings are on pause.

Dr. Loh shared that because they are in the same field, they have had the opportunity to collaborate on different projects, research, articles and that they are able to bounce ideas off of each other about challenging clinical cases which also relate to patient education.

Dr. Trattler stood behind Dr. Loh while she launched her own practice, Loh Ophthalmology Associates a few years ago: “There are so many challenges to starting your own practice,” Dr. Trattler said. “At the end of the day, what Jen found was that it gives you a chance to be a leader in the practice and help design the care you want to give to your patients.” Dr. Loh was thankful for his support and shared: “We have this synergy together. Even though he’s not officially part of my practice, it’s wonderful having him there.”

Dr. Loh focuses on cataract and refractive cataract surgery as well as cornea and glaucoma, and uses many new technologies and products. Dr. Trattler also focuses on cataract and refractive procedures as well as cornea and has been involved in numerous FDA clinical trials, including trials that have led to approval of various IOLs, anti-inflammatory medications used with cataract surgery, as well as corneal crosslinking (CXL).


Although undoubtedly difficult to balance it all, if they were in different fields, it would be quite difficult if there were competing meetings.  They both feel strongly about the importance of education and constantly staying up to date in their field, so this is a blessing along with the fact they both love sharing new adventures with friends and colleagues in different parts of the world.

Per Dr. Trattler, “The field of ophthalmology and the people make us better in so many ways. We’re lucky to have such a strong network of friends.” Dr. Loh agreed, “It gives you a strong network of support both personally and for your professional career.”

It’s easy to say, these two have profoundly similar interests professionally, and most importantly, in each other.

We are so happy to be able to work with Dr. Loh every day and proud to see other publications share her story about her unique life with her number one supporter.

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